Why are my teeth stained?

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    Why are my teeth stained?

    Why are my teeth stained?

    Why are my teeth stained?

    If, like most people, you are partial to a cup of tea or coffee, especially now that you are working from home more, you may have noticed that your teeth have accumulated some stains. This can usually be easily remedied by regular hygiene appointments to keep the stains at bay.

    What causes stained teeth?

    These are common teeth staining agents:

    • Tea (especially herbal tea)
    • Coffee
    • Red wine
    • Smoking
    • Some mouthwashes
    • Certain foods


    How can I remove stains from my teeth?

    Once the stains are on your teeth, it is not possible to remove them safely yourself at home, not even by brushing more. In fact, if you brush too hard to remove the stains, you may irreparably damage your gums and enamel. To remove the stains, you can book an appointment with a dental hygienist who can use a range of methods to effectively and most importantly, safely remove them. You may be recommended to have an air-polish treatment which involves using a polishing power to remove the stains. This is the best method of stain removal on the market.

    How can I stop my teeth from staining?

    This depends entirely on what is causing your teeth to stain. If you are unsure why your teeth are becoming stained please give us a call on 0207 589 7792