Why Should I Get Invisalign Treatment Carried Out by a Specialist Orthodontist?

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    Why Should I Get Invisalign Treatment Carried Out by a Specialist Orthodontist?

    Invisalign Specialist Orthodontics in London

    Invisalign is a fantastic, computer software-based system for moving teeth that works very well for many patients. Invisalign uses the very latest computers and artificial intelligence to create fantastic results. From a patient’s perspective, there are only three things that are required for success:

    1. You need to wear the trays for 22 hours a day without fail
    2. You need to keep your teeth and gums very clean
    3. Cooperating with any other instructions that are unique to you


    What is the Invisalign process?

    After careful assessment of your teeth, gums, bones and nerves in teeth, impressions (digital or conventional) are taken of your teeth and sent to Invisalign. Because Invisalign has never met you OR examined your teeth, gums, bones and nerves of your teeth, Invisalign totally relies on very detailed and personalised instructions from the dentist that examined you. Otherwise, the treatment will not work or will take a lot longer than required.

    Why should a specialist in orthodontics write the Invisalign instructions?
    1. Invisalign is a computer-based system and therefore needs detailed instructions for it to work.
    2. Specialists in Orthodontics have spent a minimum of 3 years full-time training (after graduating as dentists) learning about how teeth move and therefore have unparalleled expertise in moving teeth. They are therefore able to look at your mouth and give the detailed and personalised instructions to Invisalign required to get the best result out of the fantastic system.
    3. In a situation where your dentist is not a specialist, Invisalign have a network of clinical advisors to help with the detailed instructions. Sometimes, these clinical advisors are UK registered specialist orthodontists but, in many situations, they are not. Therefore, if you want to ensure that Invisalign is receiving the best possible instructions for you, make sure you get a guarantee from your dentist that the clinical advisor he/she used is a specialist OR seek the care of a specialist.


    Once our specialist orthodontist has given Invisalign the correct and personalised information, a set of trays are very accurately manufactured for you and you can enjoy watching the slow but predictable development of the smile of your dreams.

    If you wish to receive Invisalign teeth straightening from our specialist orthodontist, Dr. Kia Papagalani, please visit our orthodontics page or call 020 7589 7792 to book an appointment