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Andy's Ceramic Braces Journey

Orthodontic Ceramic Braces in London

Both metal and ceramic braces serve the same purpose for teeth straightening with the only difference being the discreet design that ceramic braces are characterised by.

You may also be curious to know that Tom Cruise was one of the celebrities who opted to correct his misaligned teeth with ceramic braces.

Orthodontics Patient Background

Andy is one of our lovely patients who has always been bothered with the appearance of his teeth. He didn’t like the idea of having metal braces purely because of aesthetic reasons.

Andy's First Impressions

Andy felt reassured from the first moment he met Dr Ciara. Her gentleness and kindness made Andy entrust his treatment in her meticulous and experienced hands.

Read Andy's Ceramic Braces Journey

We are delighted to be able to offer Lingual Braces at London Dental Specialists. Many practices do not offer this type of treatment as lingual braces can be technically difficult to place.

We are fortunate that our highly skilled, educated and professional team can place lingual braces for you. If you are very conscious about your appearance and do not want any braces visible this is the treatment for you. Dr Ennis, our orthodontic specialist, will assess your teeth for suitability for this treatment. If, after discussion, you choose to go ahead, Dr Ennis will attach the orthodontic metal brackets to the inside, or tongue facing side of your teeth. You can imagine that this will usually take a little longer than attaching the brackets on to the front side of the teeth.

Once the brackets are in place, a wire will be fitted and your treatment will progress in just the same way as conventional orthodontic treatment. Our team will see you every 4-8 weeks for adjustment and review and just like conventional orthodontics your treatment time will be anything from 6-18 months depending on the degree of your mal-alignment. Unlike ceramic braces and Invisalign, which are virtually invisible, lingual braces really are invisible, nothing can be seen on the front of your teeth. If you are highly self conscious about braces this is the treatment for you.

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