Self Referral for Dental Implants is not Cheating on your Dentist

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Self Referral for Dental Implants is not Cheating on your Dentist

Self Referral for Dental Implants is not Cheating on your Dentist

Dental implants are custom-made teeth replacements that are permanently attached to your jawbone. They sometimes need to be attached to the cheekbone when is not enough bone in the mouth. The questions you must consider before signing up for an implant treatment with a dentist should include:

Why should I have my dental implants done by a Periodontist?

Scientific evidence shows success rate is dependent on the quality of the gum around the implant, therefore for better results it would be best to see an expert in gums. Our patient, Laura, explains this point perfectly.

Due to the extensive skills and knowledge of the expert, the aesthetics and final results would be better and the gum would be perfect.

Our regulator (The General Dental Council) recognises  a specialists in Periodontics as having particular expertise in the management of gum diseases and dental implant surgery. These dentists would have spent 3-6 years of continual postgraduate study after they qualified as dentists.

What is the success rate of dental implants?

In the hands of an expert, such as a the periodontist at London Dental Specialists, we achieve a success rate of 95%. We also offer a 10 year warranty on all implant treatments.

How can I tell if my dentist is an expert in dental implants?

In UK Law, there are only three specialities with verified expertise in dental implants; Periodontics, Oral Surgery, Prosthodontics. Ask your dentist for their registration number, click on this link put the number in the appropriate section and you will be able to see if your dentist is an expert.

The advantage of seeing a periodontist for Implants is that it is accepted that if the gum is perfect, it is very unlikely to face problems with the implant.

How long does dental implant treatments last?

The time frame for dental implants would be between 3-12 months depending on the case.

Why you should see a specialist dentist.

Dentists will agree that expertise is required to carry out a successful implant treatment and that only a minority have this expertise because this training is not given at dental school.

Many implant case patients need further treatments, whether its gum disease, root canal treatment or orthodontic treatment. To get the best possible results, these additional therapies can be treated under one roof at London Dental Specialists.

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