What Exactly is Conscious Sedation?

    Conscious dental sedation iat London Dental Specialists

    What Exactly is Conscious Sedation?

    Does the thought of having your teeth checked fill your entire body with fear?

    It is not so strange that many people would endure the agony of a sore tooth rather than stepping foot in dental surgery. These people are not alone. Many people are so worried about going to the dentist that they prefer not to have any treatment at all! Which is not so great for long-term health.

    If you are nervous, you are not alone.
    A recent study concluded that 27% of women and 22% of men are worried about dental procedures and possible pain in the UK – as you can see, it’s not uncommon, particularly when undergoing extensive treatments such as dental implant treatment.

    The magic can happen while you are asleep.
    At London Dental Specialists, your welfare and comfort is a massive priority and offer a considerate approach that helps many patients overcome their anxiety. In the event that this is not enough, conscious sedation is a perfect solution to your dental anxiety.

    Mrs Doyle was an extremely nervous patient. This two-minute film is her recollection of the implant surgery under IV sedation at London Dental Specialists.

    Watch Mrs Doyle’s testimonial here:

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