Can Dental Implants be Whitened?

    Can dental implants be whitened, article by Dr Ope Sodeinde of London Dental Specialists

    Can Dental Implants be Whitened?

    A question we are often asked here at London Dental Specialists is “can my dental implants be whitened?”

    The short answer is no. You cannot because tooth whitening products do not work on dental implant crowns. You can only whiten your own natural teeth because the available tooth whitening products only work on natural teeth.

    If you are planning to do some tooth whitening while undergoing dental implant treatment, it is important that the tooth whitening stage is carried out before the final dental implant crown is being made, so the dental technician will be able to match the new tooth colour to the whitened colour of surrounding teeth. If you are doing a course of tooth whitening, it is advised to wait 2 weeks after finishing the course of treatment for the new shade to settle before choosing the final colour of your new dental implant crown.

    Dental Implants Before Dental Implants after

    The dental implant crown’s colour can be carefully selected by your treating dentist and the dental technician to match the neighbouring teeth from all aspects, including the shape and colour. This is to ensure that the new dental crown does not only look cosmetically pleasing but fulfils its functional purpose as well.

    Carefully planned dental implant crowns can ensure that your smile is being taken care of as well as your bite.

    If you would like to make sure that all the above is being considered when receiving dental implant treatment and tooth whitening then please contact London Dental Specialists or call 0207 589 7792.