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Imogen's Dental Implant Journey

Dental Implant Patient Background

Imogen, our lovely patient was referred to London Dental Specialist by a fellow specialist colleague in Dubai.

She fell over at the age of 13 and since then she never stopped experiencing reoccurring problems caused by dental trauma.

Dental trauma can result in tooth loss despite best efforts at retaining and maintaining compromised teeth. Upper front teeth are more likely to suffer from trauma, and their loss can result in significant cosmetic and confidence problems in patients.

Most often people who suffer trauma to their front teeth as teenagers tend to need dental implants later in life. The key to success is to delay the need for implants till they are in their twenties or thirties.

Imogen's First Impressions

As soon as she met Dr Ope, Imogen felt extremely confident and wanted to embark in this journey towards her desired smile without hesitation.

Read Imogen's Dental Implant Journey

At our dental implant clinic in Marylebone, Dr Ope Sodeinde and his team use dental implants to replace missing teeth. Dental implants are small titanium screws that are carefully and gently placed into your jaw bones. The jaw bone then grows into the screw threads locking the implant in place. The dental implant is then used to hold either a dental crown, dental bridge or dentures into place.

There are many reasons a patient might come to see us for dental implants:

  • unsightly gaps
  • loose and ill fitting dentures
  • teeth deteriorating and requiring extraction
  • loss of teeth following surgery or cancer treatment
  • loss of teeth after an accident, car or sports injury

Dental implants allow us to restore teeth to the closest we have to a natural dentition. They can help restore your confidence to allow you to socialise again, eat out in public, play sports and just smile.

Once placed, dental implants need to be maintained in the same way as your natural teeth with regular checks and we recommend regular visits to your dental hygienist for maintenance therapy.

If you wish to arrange an appointment at our dental implant clinic in Marylebone then please complete the call back form below, or call the practice on 020 7589 7792.

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Your Peace of Mind

Having your dental implants placed at London Dental Specialists in Marylebone means you have complete peace of mind. We offer patients a unique warranty on dental implants and root canal treatments which will remain in effect for 10 years.


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